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Your Participation will enable Aid L'Shalom to treat more patients, ensuring that they maximize results, longevity and quality of life.

Evening of Inspiration 3

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AID L'SHALOM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; EIN 37-1759391. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Aid L’Shalom, founded by Gitti Klein and Devoiri Neuman, provides specialized treatments to help cancer patients maximize the curative results of standard chemotherapy. From a grassroots organization, it has grown to a state of the art facility housed within the Bruckner Oncology offices. There, treatments are administered under the care of world renowned oncologists and provided in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments are in no way a substitute for traditional care. Rather when combined with the standard protocol, these treatments help chemotherapy effectiveness, while minimizing the side effects which are often worse than the disease itself. There is no insurance that will cover these types of supplemental treatments, and they are very costly. The demand for Aid L’Shalom’s highly effective, integrated treatment is overwhelming.


Miriam Ackerman
Simy Alter
Faiga Malka Appel 
Dina Bernath 
Civi Bertram
Malkie Brachfeld
Chavi Brecher 
Chaya Brownstein 
Chavy Chase
Aviva Czermak 
Dena Eichenstein 
Nechy Engelman

Shani Fromowitz
Reb. Goldy Friedman
Chava Gartner
Elisheva Gehler
Aidy Gutman 
Chana Rechy Gutman
Dini Gutman
Leah Gottlieb 
Elky Gutman
Feigy Gutman
Fraidy Gutman 
Hindy Gutman

Malky Gutman
Miriam Gutman
Nava Gutman
Ricky Gutman
Yiddis Gutman
Ruchie Herbst
Rivky Herskowitz 
Hendi Herzog
Tzippy Janklowitz 
Tziri Jeremias
Tziporah Kaufman
Rivky Kizelnik

Libby Klein
Shoshy Lefkovits 
Faigy Lefkowitz 
Peri Lerner
Jen Lesser
Atara Lench
Mindy Marder
Devorah Markowitz 
Frumi Malchi
Malky Moskowitz 
Reb. Tzippy Paler
Chaya Rochel Plutchok

Devorah Pruzansky 
Zissy Rosenfeld 
Shevi Rosenthal
Tova Rosenblatt 
Bracha Rosenblum 
Rivky Rotenberg 
Rochel Shaindle Rubin
Lea Rubinstein
Esther Ruchie Schiff
Chani Schonberger
Ruchie Schwartz 
Gitty Schreiber
Blumie Singer
Ruchie Singer

Suri Singer
Faigy Steinberg
Riky Strasser
Chaya Sara Thau 
Chanie Tress
Miriam Tress 
Miriam Malka Tress
Nechama Tress
Rikki Tress
Rivki Tress
Suri Tress
Yidisel Tress
Shavy Weiss
Chani Wolf
Yehudis Zussman

Call Us: (845) 208-2618

Call Devorie Neuman: (347) 831-9295

Call Gitti Klein: (347) 631-6986

Email: info@aidlshalom.com

Address: 2330 Eastchester Road 3rd floor. Bronx, NY 10469